Published: July 19, 2016
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<p>&lt;p&gt;&amp;lt;p&amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;b&amp;amp;gt;The company&amp;amp;lt;/b&amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;Our client is following a pressing growth opportunity and is looking for a senior project manager who can take a key role in helping them with the creation and development of a centralised project management function to underpin this growth, leading them away from devolved-responsibility project management.&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;They are an ambitious consultancy organisation, based in Wiltshire, with an enviable heritage and a sound client-base - commonly regulators, water &amp;amp;amp;amp; gas utility companies, industrial manufacturers, government and regulatory areas,  trade organisations and waste management companies.&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;b&amp;amp;gt;The role&amp;amp;lt;/b&amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;The successful applicant will be mainly responsible for helping the organisation to deliver profitable projects by instilling a combination of control and commercial discipline into project management. Key responsibilities for the role will also include:&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;ul&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Managing a portfolio of consultancy-based projects (value typically £50k to £500k) to time, quality and budget;&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Accountability for the conventional project elements of planning, progress, risk management, budget management and scope management;&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Identifying and securing required resources and resolving conflicting resource requirements;&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Maintaining robust plans and providing regular resource and financial forecasts;&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Managing external dependencies to ensure timely delivery;&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Leading and motivating project teams to deliver exceptional customer service;&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Ensuring proposals are accurate and commercially focussed, mitigating the risks of overspend and negative impact to the business.&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;/ul&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;b&amp;amp;gt;The person&amp;amp;lt;/b&amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;If you really want an opportunity to accelerate your career by showing what you can do in an active and fast growing environment, then ideally this will be you:&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;ol&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;You’ll have a proven track record of successful delivery of projects and programmes within a complex business environment.&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Whilst you will obviously be a confident, challenging, proactive individual who can find ways to reach project objectives under constantly changing circumstances, you will also have well-developed inter-personal skills such that you're able to help the people around you deliver their very best.&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;You will be someone who wishes to develop their career ambitions through helping the organisation to deliver it's committed objectives. Vitally, you'll primarily be a giver, not a self-serving ego-driven taker.&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;/ol&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;You'll ideally possess a degree with a scientific, environmental or engineering background, although equivalent demonstrable business experience will be acceptable from the right candidate. Having a project management qualification (APM, PMI, PRINCE2) is desirable but not essential.&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;Other required attributes will include:&amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;ul&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;The ability to influence people towards achieving objectives within a matrix-type organisation;&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;Excellent communication skills and adaptable management style;&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;A good understanding of change management;&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;The ability to continuously seek improvements during project delivery;&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;amp;lt;li&amp;amp;gt;The resilience and determination to succeed where task outcomes appear at risk.&amp;amp;lt;/li&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />


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